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May 30 2009

Protected: EOY Conversation

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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May 27 2009

2 days until summer!!

Today was so great, it is crazy to think that this year is actually over.  I am going to miss my kids, even the ones that drive me crazy. My students are all really excited about our test results and the ability to really call themselves Champions. Our big goal was an avg scale score…

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May 19 2009

7 days until summer

So, I forgot a child and when I had to write out their individualized pass/fail marks, my data changed: 84/94 which is 89% passing 41% commended (commended means they got a 90% or higher on the test) I am really happy about the commended. I feel a little disapointed for the students that failed, especially…

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May 18 2009

The day the data came in

83/94 met the standard: 88% passing 38/94 commended: 40% commended Highest scores in the school for math

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May 13 2009

11 days left of school…

My students are doing a project for class about real life goals, jobs, and plans. They have been figuring out finances for cars, houses, entertainment, etc. Then investigating jobs that could supply them with the money they need. Now, they are researching a college that they would want to go to. Yesterday, we talked about…

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Apr 28 2009

TAKS day…or so I thought

As I glance over to my countdown board, it reads, “today you will beat TAKS!” It’s crazy to think the test is finally here, that we started out the year with 3 digits on the countdown and now….we’re here.  My room is decorated in streamers and motivational sayings. Desks are lined in rows and cleaned…

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Apr 09 2009

13 days…

It’s the final countdown and my students are anxious about the TAKS. For the past few weeks we have been doing a new structure in class. I paired students into workstations by ability. They are rotating between student helpers for their “work out station” and small group help with me at the “personal training station.”…

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Mar 11 2009

28 days

Today was such a good day. I had long st (serious time) with my students and we talked about how hard we are going to have to fight to win (beat the TAKS). We talked about our Spring Break packets and our behavior for the next two days (while I am in Florida). They were…

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Mar 10 2009

29 school days

Today I had a FML moment. I am teaching the warm-up and Mr. Garcia comes in late with Mr. Seymour. I immediately assume he was skipping and was caught and taken in, by the dean. I am angry. I try so hard with him. Why skip? We just had this big talk about working hard!…

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Mar 06 2009

31 school days

Only 31 school days left until my kids all (by the grace of God) pass the TAKS. It has been exactly two months, today, since I have posted. In the past two months, things have been going fairly well. I have had some awful days where I just want to quit and I come home and…

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Jan 06 2009

116 days

Back to school.  Well, it wasn’t that bad. Although I wish that I could be more positive than that. But, that’d be lying.  I have heard that this second semester is easier, the kids are better, and it goes by faster. I am just waiting for all these things to prove true and kick in for my students.…

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Dec 11 2008

Ms. G

After talking with Ms. G, I told the counselor at our school her situation, so that she could have further support. I told Ms. G that the counselor would pull her out and talk to her. I tried to sell the idea to her, explaining how adults had to pay lots of money to talk…

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Dec 05 2008

148 days

Thank God it’s Friday.   2 weeks until Christmas break. Thank you Jesus.   I am learning to be less sensitive and know that middle schoolers change each day. One day a kid is tired, mad, upset, lazy and the next day the same kid is are active, excited, on the ball, etc. Two of my students…

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Nov 20 2008


This week has been rough. Monday I was convinced I was quitting. Today I feel good. Such a rollercoaster ride. Seriously. At the start of the week, I was so burdned, overwhelmed, frusturated, and disapointed with my department, its leadership, and the decisions made that were directly influencing my kids (and their progress). I felt…

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Nov 14 2008

168 days

I cried last night after grading my Unit 2 exams to see we didn’t reach our goal of mastery…and by not reach I mean, we didn’t come close. Today I did not want to pull into the school parking lot. I was too upset with the students’ scores, which feels like my failure. Today was…

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Nov 12 2008

170 days

Yesterday sucked.    Today was okI had to go to a meeting. The sub didn’t show and everyone was running around, because of course we couldn’t cancel the work time for my mentor and I to make math vocabulary models for the literacy coach. Woof. Another teacher watched my second period. There was a fight. Like…

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Nov 06 2008

176 days

Exactly a week ago, last Thursday night, I laid under my covers crying out my stress, frusturation, and exhaustion. Jill (my roommate and fellow TFA-er) came in and laid next to me. She didn’t have to say anything, because we both understand exactly where the tears come and how they are valid.  I refused to do…

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Oct 30 2008


I feel like so much of my students’ lives are filled with fighting. Fighting for attention, fighting with each other, fighting the image of cool and nerd, fighting in gangs, fighting against temptation, fighting against every barrier that stands in their way, fighting in their neighborhoods, fighting in the communities, fighting in the hallways at…

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Oct 30 2008

183 days

There’s never enough time to get anything done. The minute I feel like I am caught up with my mounds of papers, the next tidal wave comes along, and once again I’m struggling to keep my head above water. My regular classes (usually my tough ones) have been good this week. I have been trying…

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Oct 17 2008

197 days

I’m not exhausted or stressed or upset…..and it’s been a full week of school. What’s wrong? I am pleased, smiling even, and I kind of want to come to school tomorrow. Next week, is only 3 days for me (I go home Thurs/Fri) and I’m actually kind of sad about it. Is that weird?? What…

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Oct 15 2008

199 days

6:30am- stressed and worried about Breakfast of Champions, my Wednesday morning tutoring program, since I had to go to the faculty meeting. I ended up teaching Mr. Johnson, the dean’s secretary who supervised my Champions, how to do order of operations so he could help the students. 8:30- embarssed at the Faculty meeting…they gave me an award… Lunch- pleasantly suprised by…

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Oct 13 2008

201 days

…left until the TAKS exam.  The champions were really excited today about the start of Unit 2. I moved our runner over the first hurdle, on our big track (which tracks our progress to the big goal) and they were getting really excited and cheering. It was cute. We awarded the Champions of Unit 1 and…

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Oct 06 2008

Countdown to Math Taks: 206 days

 Hooray. Class just went much better than expected. Of course, the Champions were too chatty today, but we actually mastered equivalent fractions and I was all too impressed with their success and my ability to use their manipualtives (i.e. pattern blocks and counters), especially I sincerely doubted the latter. I really wish I had some…

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Sep 29 2008


2,000- the amount of tissues I’ve had to go through today (ugh, I hate being sick). 3- the amount of times all 30 of us had to get out and re-enter the class, to show we could be silent for warm-ups  1- the amount of parent phone calls I’ve had to make in class today 0- the…

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Sep 26 2008

period 2.

i don’t know what happened to them this week, but they have been so talkative, and thier behavior has been far lower than my expectations.  today i tried my best to keep them engaged, quiet, and make sure that every student could fully grasp all the concepts. they were so talkative. i warned them too many times.…

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