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Nov 14 2008

168 days

I cried last night after grading my Unit 2 exams to see we didn’t reach our goal of mastery…and by not reach I mean, we didn’t come close.

Today I did not want to pull into the school parking lot. I was too upset with the students’ scores, which feels like my failure.

Today was really good though. We went through the math exams and each class had a “big team meeting” to discuss our game plan to tackle the unit 2 hurdle. Each class independently voted to review, practice harder, and retest. :) I was pleased that they “choose” to do that….so that it wasn’t enforced :)

I think a lot of them are beginning to get it. I got two notes. One says, “Ms. Baldwin, you teach great math so we can get it. Thanks for giving us a chance.” Another note said, “thank you for not quitting. you are making us better students.” They both made me smile.

I’ve seen such turn around in a handful of my students. Ms. Gonzalez went from failing the first six-weeks to working her butt off to pass (with a B!) the second six-weeks. Yes. She came up to me after class and said, “I know you don’t know this, but I really appreciate what you’re doing for us. We see it. Thanks for caring.”

It made me feel really good. I just have to keep pushing; I have to keep trying.

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