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Nov 12 2008

170 days

Yesterday sucked.  

 Today was okI had to go to a meeting. The sub didn’t show and everyone was running around, because of course we couldn’t cancel the work time for my mentor and I to make math vocabulary models for the literacy coach. Woof.

Another teacher watched my second period. There was a fight. Like a punch in the face, climb over tables, teacher’s next door could hear, my computer got knocked over, desks and chairs got pushed all over, kids cheering/yelling, fight.

Damn it.

I heard news of this after my vocabularly-planning session. I was so upset, embarssed, and just disapointed. Especially when I found out who it was. Mr. Brisco and Mr. Garcia. :(

During 3rd period, I was giving my Unit 2 exam when Mr. Brisco walks in my room. He looks at me and I look at him and my heart sank. He’s carrying his 3-day suspension notice and ticket from the police officer. “I had to come talk to you.” I said, “Ok….what do you want to say?” He sits and starts to cry. I just stare. It took him almost half an hour to mutter out he was sorry. I feel such a connection with him and he knew I was upset and I knew he was sorry…and it was fine with me to communicate without words right then.

He took his test during the study hall period, PSP, since he would be suspended for the next few days. He took home a book and promised to keep up with our work. Mr. Garcia is in my room during the time Mr. Brisco was taking his test, but there were no problems…

Mr. Garcia walks to my room during PSP. I look at him. He looks down. I tell him to stand by the door, not to enter. He looks at me again and I just stare. He starts to cry.

He’s a repeater. He’s a huge kid. He’s already  been suspended for fighting. He’s told me he doesn’t give a f- about school. I look at him. He cries.

We talked all through PSP. He told me he was so sorry. “I’m embarssed, Miss. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t want to fight. It’s just that…he said something and then my brain was like hit him! Hit him! So, I got up and started hitting him.” We talked for a second and he said again. “I’m emabrssed. I am embarssed for my mom.”

Interesting enough, both boys seemed not to care about the consequences or about any punishment at home. But, they both cared about what I thought. I thought that fighting in my class while I was gone was bad, but caring so much was really good.

So, for now, I am ok with that.

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