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May 30 2009

Protected: EOY Conversation

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May 27 2009

2 days until summer!!

Today was so great, it is crazy to think that this year is actually over.  I am going to miss my kids, even the ones that drive me crazy. My students are all really excited about our test results and the ability to really call themselves Champions. Our big goal was an avg scale score…

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May 19 2009

7 days until summer

So, I forgot a child and when I had to write out their individualized pass/fail marks, my data changed: 84/94 which is 89% passing 41% commended (commended means they got a 90% or higher on the test) I am really happy about the commended. I feel a little disapointed for the students that failed, especially…

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May 18 2009

The day the data came in

83/94 met the standard: 88% passing 38/94 commended: 40% commended Highest scores in the school for math

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May 13 2009

11 days left of school…

My students are doing a project for class about real life goals, jobs, and plans. They have been figuring out finances for cars, houses, entertainment, etc. Then investigating jobs that could supply them with the money they need. Now, they are researching a college that they would want to go to. Yesterday, we talked about…

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Apr 28 2009

TAKS day…or so I thought

As I glance over to my countdown board, it reads, “today you will beat TAKS!” It’s crazy to think the test is finally here, that we started out the year with 3 digits on the countdown and now….we’re here.  My room is decorated in streamers and motivational sayings. Desks are lined in rows and cleaned…

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Apr 09 2009

13 days…

It’s the final countdown and my students are anxious about the TAKS. For the past few weeks we have been doing a new structure in class. I paired students into workstations by ability. They are rotating between student helpers for their “work out station” and small group help with me at the “personal training station.”…

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Mar 11 2009

28 days

Today was such a good day. I had long st (serious time) with my students and we talked about how hard we are going to have to fight to win (beat the TAKS). We talked about our Spring Break packets and our behavior for the next two days (while I am in Florida). They were…

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Mar 10 2009

29 school days

Today I had a FML moment. I am teaching the warm-up and Mr. Garcia comes in late with Mr. Seymour. I immediately assume he was skipping and was caught and taken in, by the dean. I am angry. I try so hard with him. Why skip? We just had this big talk about working hard!…

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Mar 06 2009

31 school days

Only 31 school days left until my kids all (by the grace of God) pass the TAKS. It has been exactly two months, today, since I have posted. In the past two months, things have been going fairly well. I have had some awful days where I just want to quit and I come home and…

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